Ecotourism is a responsible trip to natural areas that preserve the environment and improve the well-being of the local population, in this way to speak of bodybuilding is to speak of responsible tourism with the environment and the local society that lives in said environment, that is to say that contrary to what one might think in principle, ecotourism is not just any form of tourism that is related to nature, but in addition to being related to it, said relationship must always be established with respect and from an ethical perspective, in this way If we take a trip to the mountains as an example, we could be talking about ecological tourism since it is a natural environment, but what will really differentiate whether our trip is an example or tourism or not will be the relationship that we establish with the mountain and not only the chosen place.

The 7 principles of Ecotourism

  1. Minimize negative impacts for both the environment and the community.
  2. Build respect and awareness both environmental and cultural.
  3. Develop positive experiences for both tourists and the local population.
  4. Produce financial benefits that are direct for the conservation of the place.
  5. Guarantee the obtaining of financial resources and encourage participation in community decisions.
  6. Promote sensitivity towards the political, environmental and social climate of the places visited.
  7. Support both universal human rights and local labor laws and regulations.