Can I activate and deactivate the system whenever I want?
Yes, our system allows you to activate the availability of reservations to your liking and on the dates you require.
Can I make sales outside my country?
Yes, our site is adapted to facilitate sales to foreign customers, in addition to having several languages.
How do I receive payments?
The money is stored in your account and you can withdraw it once the customer arrives at your establishment.
How does Ecoviajero.com work?
Ecoviajero.com is a search engine for hotels, apartments and ecotourism activities where you can schedule and pay, we work as intermediaries between customers and the services you offer.
I just created a partner account, why can't I add my services?
Partner accounts must go through a verification process before being activated, you must wait for Ecoviajero to activate you, if a long time has passed you must communicate.
Why some rooms do not show availability for more than 2 people?
The accommodations that do not offer the value per person are not fully compatible with our system, that is why we only offer the value of the room for 2 people and if a third person is desired, you must look if the option in extra services is available, this influences that our search engine will only show availability for 2 people.
Can I synchronize Ecoviajero with other sales channels?
Yes, Ecoviajero has the option to import calendars in iCal format from sites like Google Calendar, TripAdvisor Calendar, Airbnb Calendar, and HomeAway Calendar.

You have more questions?
please refer to our hotline
(+57) 314 454 3830
or to our email contactos@ecoviajero.com