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Terms and Conditions of ecoviajero.com

Who are we?


Ecoviajero is a company that offers accommodation in hotels, activities and rentals that are owned by third parties, with affordable prices, standardized services and a support line.

Through our web platform ecoviajero.com you can make your reservations at the hotels, rentals and activities that are part of our chain in cities in Colombia.

For Ecoviajero you are very valuable, so even if you are a new User or Client ( Partner ) , please take a moment to learn about our reservation service conditions that we can provide you through our portal.




  1. Client: Refers to any natural or legal person who, after having accepted the Terms and Conditions, has a registered user in the Ecoviajero portal .


  1. Ecoviajero Portal : Refers to the web platform (ecoviajero.com), which is made available to the Client to access, browse, create an account and/or reserve the lodging services, rentals or activities offered by Ecoviajero . The use of the Ecoviajero portal may be made through any electronic device (computers, laptops, tablets or cell phones with IOS or Android operating systems).
  2. Payment gateways: these are the means of payment that are integrated into Ecoviajero and that are made available to the Client so that they can make the reservation payments.


  1. Hotels: When we talk about Hotels, or Hotel, we will be referring to any Hotels that are owned and/or operated by third parties, these third parties being directly in charge of operating the Hotels and providing the tourist accommodation service.

General Conditions of ecoviajero.com


  1. Ecoviajero is an intermediary!

It is important to clarify that the provider of the accommodation, activity or rentals tourist service is directly the Hotel, rentals or activity service provider that you hire through our portal, which are owned by a third party, which authorizes us to market their rooms. , activities and rentals in your name and representation; reason why we are not obliged directly or indirectly to provide the hosting service.

Keep in mind that in this document you will be able to know only the general conditions that apply to the intermediation services that Ecoviajero offers through its portal. In no way do they replace the special conditions that each Hotel, activity or rentals has defined for the provision of its tourist services.

At Ecoviajero we are not responsible for nor do we have any interference in the particular conditions that each Hotel, activity or rentals establishes for the provision of any of its services. Before hiring us, please check what conditions each Hotel, activity or rentals requires of you to provide the accommodation service or activity in its facilities or any other service that you contract directly with it.

So that you do not have surprises, the Hotel may charge you a commission for the use of the card, hotel insurance, and you will have to pay directly for any food not included in the rate.


  1. Customer Registration

You will be able to use the Ecoviajero Portal without having to register as a Client , in this way you will be able to browse the Ecoviajero portal to discover the services we offer, finally we hope that you make the decision to stay in one of our Hotels. By browsing without creating a User, you will be accepting our cookies policy.

After making the decision to stay at Ecoviajero it is necessary that you complete the registration process of your user to complete the reservation process, in this way you must provide us with the following information: full name, email, cell phone number, and password, or good that you enter your username and password if you have already entered our portal. These data will be treated in accordance with the Ecoviajero privacy policy that you can find on our portal.

Once the registration process is complete, you will be able to access certain features of the Ecoviajero portal that will allow you to make your reservations.

By registering on the Ecoviajero portal , you confirm that you are of legal age and that you accept these Terms and Conditions. If you are not of legal age you cannot use any of our portals, nor provide Ecoviajero with any of your personal data.

If you want to unsubscribe from our web portal, you must cancel your user.

  1. What are the services provided by Ecoviajero ?

At Ecoviajero we offer you a catalog of Hotels, Activities and Rentals that use the Ecoviajero brand , not operated by Ecoviajero , so that you can book your stay in them.


  1. Conditions of the Reservation you make in Ecoviajero

Accommodation Information: Accommodation information such as location, rating, check-in and check – out times , and included services is detailed on the Ecoviajero portal .




Accommodation Reservation. Please take into account the following considerations:



Presentation at Ecoviajero Hotels : if you do not show up on the suggested date and time, Ecoviajero may directly cancel your reservation and consider it a no show . The foregoing will not allow you to demand a partial or total refund of the money you have paid for your reservation.

Check -In and Check -In Out : please keep in mind that the number of days of accommodation is configured from the check – in time and ends at the check – out time of the following day, regardless of the arrival and/or departure time, and the complete or fractional use of it.

  1. Payment methods of the Ecoviajero portals

We offer you the following forms of payment to be able to pay or finalize your accommodation reservation at the Hotels:






  1. Ecoviajero Statements

As we have mentioned, Ecoviajero is not in charge of directly or indirectly operating the accommodation service in the Hotels, activities and rentals owned by third parties, however we share the following recommendations for you to take into account:

Valuable goods: if you take high-value goods to your accommodation, of a higher value than those that any client carries with them, you should ask at the Hotel reception for the policies on custody of third-party goods.

Necessary information to stay with minors: regarding minors staying in a Hotel, the following must be taken into account:

You must bear in mind that each Hotel has its own policy on the admission of minors and their fee collection, even, there may be some that reserve the right of admission to minors. So we recommend checking.

Independence of the Hotel, Activity or Rentals: we remind you that each Hotel that Ecoviajero represents is autonomous and independent, therefore you must consult its particular terms and conditions for the provision of its tourist services, so each one may have its own entry conditions and admission of people, admission of pets, cancellation of reservations, collection of penalties and extra fees.

You will no longer be an Ecoviajero Client : at Ecoviajero we reserve the right not to offer you our service in the event that :





7 . How do the Ecoviajero Coupons work ?


and. The Coupon will not be exchangeable for cash or refundable in case of non-use or partial use. The Coupon discount will be reflected in the last step of the purchase process, when entering the data of the selected payment method.

  1. The validity of each Coupon will be determined within the same coupon. In the absence of specification, its validity will be three (3) months.


  1. Informed Prices

Any change in the information published on the Ecoviajero portals , including services, prices, conditions, promotions and offers, will be published and will have effect on future operations, without affecting, in any case, the rights acquired by the Client.


  1. Intellectual Property Rights

As a client, you accept that Ecoviajero is the owner and responsible for the content that it uploads to its portal. Consequently , you must take into account that:

You agree not to upload content that is in any way illegal or that if it was legal at the time of its publication, it has subsequently been declared illegal.

You have no license, nor any rights to:




Therefore, you may not use the brands, content and/or images without the written authorization of the legal representative.


  1. License to use the Ecoviajero portal

Ecoviajero portal , you acquire a limited license, that is:

a. Non-exclusive, the license will not only be held by you.

  1. Non-transferable, that is, you cannot give it to anyone.
  2. Revocable, meaning that we can remove it at any time.
  3. Non-commercial of the content, that is, you cannot do business with this license, sell it or charge for it.

and. It is revocable at any time by Ecoviajero .

This license is for you to use the lodging reservation service and you must bear in mind that the modification, reproduction, decoding, decryption, disassembly, application of reverse engineering, publication, hyper-linking , transfer to other people, or of any otherwise the alteration or disclosure of the contents and information contained in this application, without prior written permission of the legal representative of Ecoviajero .


1 1. Functionality of the Ecoviajero portal


The availability and functionality of the Ecoviajero portal depends on various factors, such as:

  1. Communication networks, software, hardware and service providers and contractors.
    b. For this reason, you must bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that the application or web platform will work at all times without interruption, or that it will be immune from unauthorized access or free of errors. But we guarantee that we will do everything possible to ensure the proper functioning and conditions of the portal, so that you can access it without any inconvenience.
  2. Sponsored Ads

We may have sponsored ads, if you click on an ad it may happen that:

  1. You are transferred to an advertiser’s website.
  2. Receive messages, information and offers.

All information contained in the advertisements belongs exclusively to the advertisers. Ecoviajero has no representation in such advertisements, nor does it have control over such advertisements.

Advertisers or third parties related to them may be entitled to certain earnings from such advertisements. Customer agrees and acknowledges that it has no right or interest, and will not be granted any rights or warranties with respect to Ad Revenue.


  1. Third Party Sites

The ECOVIAJERO portal may contain links to third-party websites. Therefore, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. We have no control over such sites.
  2. We are not responsible for the availability of these or for the services, content, advertisements, products or any material available on them.
  3. We will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss that is caused by the use of any services, content, products or other materials available through third party sites.
  4. Third-party sites are governed by their corresponding Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy and the client must know and accept such documents before using them.


  1. Cookies

When accessing or using the Ecoviajero portal , we may use technologies such as “cookies” (or similar technologies), which store certain information on the computer (“Local Storage”) and that allows the automatic activation of certain features and the best use of the website. service.

The cookies used in the service are created per session, they do not include any information about the User, except the session password, which is deleted at the end of the Platform session (generally after 24 hours). Most browsers allow you to delete cookies from your hard drive, accept cookie blocking, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. To delete or disable the Local Storage option, the User must use the configuration option according to the specific instructions provided by the technology provider. However, if the User blocks or deletes cookies, the User’s online experience may be limited.

Ecoviajero uses certain third-party cookies each time the User visits the Platform or when they visit other websites that use similar cookies without altering the Platform service. Third-party cookies are stored only as non-personal information, such as the history of web pages visited, the duration of your browsing, etc.


Applicable conditions according to the country in which you contract the Ecoviajero services

Below we share the particular conditions that apply according to the legislation of your country.



  1. Reservation Cancellation and Modification Policy:

For any reservation you have the possibility of canceling it 48 hours before its execution or in case the hotel has a different time in its terms and conditions, said time will apply.

  1. Cancellations and General Modifications: Cancellations and modifications of reservations must be requested through the contact line with a minimum anticipation of 48 hours before the date of arrival or in case the hotel has a different time in its terms and conditions. this time will apply.










  1. Cancellations and Modifications in high season and other special dates designated by Ecoviajero : Reservations made for the Christmas season, New Year, Easter, Municipal Fairs and on the dates designated by Ecoviajero , will have the following conditions:




  1. Corporate Reservations, Agencies and Groups: The following additional conditions apply to these reservations:







  1. Return Policy:

In any case , the reimbursements will be subject to the item “Accommodation reservation” of these terms and conditions.

How will we refund the money?

To request the return of your money, you must fill out a Return Form, which you can request through the contact line.

The refund of the money must be requested through the established format and it must be signed by the holder of the invoice or the cardholder.

Payment method

Keep in mind that the refund of money is made according to the payment method that you used at the time of the acquisition of the services, which can be:


For money refunds in which a transfer applies, it is necessary that in addition to the refund format, the bank certification of the invoice holder must be attached.

At the time of the Return, the customer must take into account the following costs:


Return Duration

Refund or reversal requests have a duration of up to 30 calendar days from the time of the request, in case of return or rejection because the requirements or lack of information on the form or poor completion of the form are not met , the 30 calendar days They will start counting from the moment of the correction of the request.



  1. Retraction

What is it?

It is the possibility that you have as a client, so that within a specific term, you retract the purchase made in Ecoviajero .

When does it apply?

– Distance sales.

– Sales by non-traditional methods.

– Sales of timeshares.

– Sales through financing systems.

The following apply to Ecoviajero : telephone, sales by non-traditional methods and sales through the Portal.

How should you do it?

You must submit a request in which you expressly request the right of withdrawal, within a maximum time of five (5) business days, which are counted from the payment of the accommodation reservation. The withdrawal does not apply to reservations that have actually been consumed.

The request must be made through the contact line.

How will we refund the money?

The refund of the money will be made to the same means of payment that you used at the time of purchase and we can take up to thirty (30) calendar days to make it, which will be counted from the approval of the request.


1 8. Reversal of Payment


What is it?

It is the possibility that you have as a client, so that within a specific term, you request the return of the payment made for a reservation made on the website or application but taking into account some conditions that we detail below:

How should you do it?

You must submit a claim within a maximum period of five (5) business days after the moment in which you became aware of the situation, to the email ventas@ecoviajero.com. You must indicate in your payment reversal request one of the legal grounds for requesting it:

– When you have been the victim of fraud.

– When it corresponds to an operation that you have not requested.

– When you have not received the product you bought in the indicated time.

– When the product you received is not the one you bought, or does not comply with what was reported about it.

– When the product you received is defective.

Likewise, you must clearly indicate what value you are requesting for the payment to be reversed and the bank account, credit card or means of payment to which the purchase was charged.

You have only 5 business days after you became aware of the situation that motivates the reversal of the payment to submit your request. You must also present the original purchase invoice.

How will we refund the money?

The refund of the money will be made to the same means of payment that you used at the time of purchase and we can take up to thirty (30) calendar days to make it, which will be counted from the approval of the request.

19 . Responsibility Ecotraveler


We inform you that the provision of tourist representation office services is protected by the following Colombian regulations: The Colombian Consumer Statute, Law 1480 of 2011, Law 300 of 1996 (General Tourism Law), and its regulatory decrees, in addition to the special provisions established by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and other regulatory authorities and defense of the Colombian consumer . If you wish to make a claim regarding the service provided, you can do so directly before: www.mincit.gov.co / and / or www.sic.gov.co.


  1. Dispute Resolution

If there is any dispute between you and us in relation to these Terms and Conditions, you agree, as we do, to bring the consumer differences before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce or the ordinary jurisdiction of Colombia.


  1. Applicable Law

The laws of Colombia govern these Terms and Conditions, as well as any claim that may arise between you and us, without regard to conflicts of law provisions.


  1. How to communicate with us in Colombia?

If you have any questions (or comments) about these Terms and Conditions, you can send an email to the following address: ventas@ecoviajero.com

Ecoviajero is located at the following address and the contact information is as follows, the above for effects of being notified of any judicial act or of any kind.

Business name: Ecoviajero , identified with NIT 10.013.214-2.

Address: Carrera 15 # 23ª – 41 Sur, Multicentro Residential Complex, Neiva, Huila.

Telephone: + 57 314 454 3830